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I Lived in Japan for 3 Months: Here Are My Essential Travel Tips

In September 2023, I moved to Japan for a few months as part of an exchange during the last semester of my MBA. I was able to make this move because I work remotely for my company and because I had always dreamed of visiting the country that created PokΓ©mon, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

Here are some random tips I can offer if you plan to visit the country.


My 2020 in books

In June I decided to challenge myself to read at least ten books by the end of the year. I surpassed that goal by reading eleven books and I just started reading the twelfth (but I am sure I won’t finish it by the end of the year). Here is the list of books I liked the most (and that I recommend) with some considerations.

I read most of my books in English, but sometimes I like to enjoy reading in my native language. This list features only books that are either only or available in English.