I Lived in Japan for 3 Months: Here Are My Essential Travel Tips

In September 2023, I moved to Japan for a few months as part of an exchange during the last semester of my MBA. I was able to make this move because I work remotely for my company and because I had always dreamed of visiting the country that created PokΓ©mon, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

Here are some random tips I can offer if you plan to visit the country.


Daily stand-ups are (often) a waste of time

One of my earliest memories of my first year a the university was the myth of software development. The influence of movies, books, and articles about how working in software was different than any other job, created the excitement of what was coming after graduating: working back to back with each other, discussing the schedule, and planning each sprint. One activity fascinated me the most: daily stand-ups. A 15-minute long moment that brings the team together to learn what everyone is working on.


Database-efficient API pagination

When designing APIs, you will probably need to handle a way to paginate the results in a collection.

Depending on the database you are using, the first thing that could come to your mind could be to use your database limit and offset to paginate the results. This may be tempting, but sometimes it could be better to rely on something else.

Imagine you have a list of messages in a chat application, and for the first call, you show the first 15 messages. Now you want to get the next page of results, say other 15 messages past the ones you already have, so you do LIMIT 15 OFFSET 15 in your database. Cool right?